Passionate about their profession

I cannot recommend Laura Robertson, and her business partner, Laurie Patterson, highly enough. I’ve bought and sold several homes; I’ve used a variety of real estate agents. What I found is that too many real estate agents act as a glorified MLS listing service, and that’s all. They are happy to collect the commission, but rarely do the work necessary to facilitate and close the sale at the price point that the market has established. Laura, Laurie, and their team – which includes an interior designer and stager who we are going to hire to work with our new house, as well as an office manager – aggressively market and sell their client’s homes. From staging and prep suggestions to picking up the phone and calling people to arrange showings to working with other buyers’ agents, this team does the legwork necessary to create demand and sell the home. This is what they do. They are passionate about their profession, and that comes across in how they conduct their business and the results they drive and achieve. They are a pleasure to work with, and what struck me the most is that it wasn’t about them…it was about us, the client. They never lost sight of that, and from my experience, that is rare in this business. The most powerful business development combination is someone who both understands why someone buys and also understands how to sell and create demand. Imagine having those qualities in not just one person, but in two, who are on the same team. Real Estate, and in particular, our primary homes, are the most lucrative investment most of us will make. Don’t put this valuable of a transaction in the hands of amateurs or professional listing agents. Hire the people that create demand and deliver results.

— Patrick F